by Stockade Kids

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She’s speeding through life, even red lights
The way she moves you would think she’s driving at night
Like there’s no one on the road, but the streets is all packed
She just hits the gas, she don’t ever look back
She's a RaceCarDriver
The car is all she wants
It’s everything she needs
I guess that’s what she thinks
At least that’s what it seems
She just hides behind all the tints and the rims
‘Cause she don’t wanna face life’s problems
She's a RaceCarDriver
Chasing all the wrongs and avoiding all the lights
Always turning left and never turning right
She never U-turns or 3-point turns
‘Cause going backwards is a lesson she don’t learn

She's a RaceCarDriver…

In the slow lane is when she feels the pain
That’s why she’s 10 and 2, just making cars zoom
Dusting everybody in the highway and the streets
And if you riding with her better buckle in your seats
She’s always on the go just plowing through the road
The car is her home, that’s all she really knows
Until I met her there and caught her at the light
And we caught eyes and exchanged smiles
On the summer night we started racing to the light
Punching on the gas like we caught up in a fight
Flying on the road like we tryna take flight
She’s a race car driver, should have seen it in her eye
Caught up in the thrill and I can’t even lie
That’s when she flew by, I tried to make a gain
But she switched to my lane and left me in the dust
I never caught her name, but I know one thing

She's a RaceCarDriver…

She be speeding, she in the fast lane leaning
Represents everything I be needing
I'm trine show her I'm the man she wants
I'm switching gears but I can't catch up

She's a RaceCarDriver…


released September 18, 2015
Producer: Jason Brown (starlingrecording.com)
Mixed and Mastered by Jason Brown at the New School Center for Media, Albany, NY


Stockade Kids is:

Aden Brooks: Trombone
Will Dobson: Bass
Vinny Fazio: Drums
Justin Friello: Vocals/Guitar
Joshua Mlodzianowski: Saxophone
Scottie Monaco: Rap Vocals



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Stockade Kids Schenectady, New York

The sound of Stockade Kids is a fusion of Hip-Hop, Rock, and Jazz which arises from the collaboration of classically-trained and self-taught musicians.With a unique duo-horn section, a heavy-grooving rhythm section, a lead singer with a range like Michael Jackson, and a rapper whose words can move even the most ardent Country music fans, Stockade Kids offers unlimited possibilities. ... more

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